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I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a professional marketer. I am a businesswoman! I have desires, ambitions and goals just like any other person, I also have insecurities, worries and anxieties just like any other.

I have been fortunate enough that I landed in a career I am incredibly passionate about. I love the ins and outs of marketing and web design. I love the forever-changing world of marketing, and the fascinating insights into the human race gathered through marketing research.

I love to imagine and then create. I love bringing a thought to life and watching it grow. I have enjoyed working with big corporates, and small business, but mostly, I love working with other women: mums, sisters, aunties and wives, women who are motivated and determined to create something great in their professional life.

As a marketing and web design consultant, I have had a number of women come to me looking to start their own business, wanting to turn their dreams into reality.

Building a website is not cheap. The intricate process of building an online presence through digital and online marketing is overwhelming and can be soul destroying when trying to understand the complexities and forever changing systems and processes to keep you afloat in a very saturated environment.

And so I decided to create Bubz Bazaar.

Bubz Bazaar is online market place for everything mum and bubs! Supporting local business – supporting mums in business! The aim of Bubz Bazaar is to build a community that is targeted to a specific niche, and creates an online outlet for Australian businesses to get their products out to their target market.

It’s an inexpensive way to get your product on an eCommerce platform. It’s a smart way of getting your product in front of a larger more targeted audience!

And while you look after running your core business and operations, I’ll take on the role of marketer and designer, and focus on building traffic and brand equity in order to get customers to the site.

Future goals of the community is to create a central hub for women in business who are targeting this highly lucrative market, and create co-marketing opportunities in order to reach a wider audience on a more regular basis.

Essentially, we want to build a community where women in business can work in collaboration to help bring a great range of products to the women who are nurturing and raising our next generation.

During the initial launch stage, we are looking for vendors to create their own shop and start selling their products through Bubz Bazaar. This market place is also a great opportunity for businesses who already have a website to create multi-channel marketing and distribution platforms to increase sales volumes and also build traffic to their website.

So if you have an amazing product or service designed specifically for mums or their bubs, then we want to showcase your products on our platform.

If you want to join a community devoted to empowering women and applauding them for their ability to do amazing things, then please come and visit us at www.bubzbazaar.com.au.

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