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Why Sell With Us

Bubz Bazaar is dedicated to building the leading mummy community marketplace for small businesses, creative talents and hobbyists of unique gifts and products and services designed specifically for mums and their bubs.

Why Would I Sell on Bubz Bazaar?

Because we are passionate about building a vibrant online hub for Australian consumers who want to support Australian businesses!

We want to provide a platform where like-minded businesses and customers can come together in one community to share, buy, sell and develop their brands, ideas and knowledge with one another.

Being a small start up gives us a personalised feel to our marketplace.  We want our community of users to feel as though they contribute to the bigger objective which is to grow a community that people are proud of and to create something special.

Why should I set up an online shop with Bubz Bazaar?

To get a decent eCommerce website built will cost you at least $2,500, at least! Or you can try and build one yourself, but that can be time-consuming and extremely frustrating! And then you have to market that website in order to get people to find your site and make sales. You can join Bubz Bazaar from just $10/month and join a community of businesses who are targeting a niche market.

Our team is made up of marketers and web designers. Our sole existence has been to build other people’s businesses by setting up strategic marketing campaigns in order to build brand awareness and to convert sales. Our focus will now be on building the Bubz Bazaar community brand and build traffic to our site to shop for YOUR products! So while we focus on marketing the site, you can focus on building your business.

I already have an eCommerce website, why should I create an online shop with Bubz Bazaar?

Ever heard of multi-channel retailing? Bubz Bazaar is another online channel for you to sell your products to a very lucrative market. Having your own eCommerce website is certainly a great asset, and we don’t suggest that if you create an online shop with us you take the focus off your site, we are only suggesting you use our community as another distribution channel.

As we mentioned above, our team is made up of marketers, and our focus isn’t on sourcing or selling products, but rather building traffic to our website so our sellers can reap the rewards, and we can grow our community. We will be setting up strategic digital marketing (Google AdWords, EDMs and Social Media) campaigns and incorporating traditional offline marketing strategies (networking, Direct Mail, print opportunities etc) in order to build brand awareness and bring traffic to our site.

We will also set up partnership marketing packages with our sellers, so that we can help them build their business too … watch this space for more details.

How Much Do You Charge?

Unlike other online platforms, we do not charge any commission on sales.  We simply charge a membership fee. If you sign up for 12-months, you’ll only pay $10/month. NO COMMISSIONS.

How Do I Receive Payment?

When you open your shop you will have the opportunity to set up your payment account. This can be found My Shop > Settings > Payment >PayPal Address.  We use PayPal as our payment provider as it offers full seller and buyer protection.  You will receive sales immediately from buyers.

How Do I Open A Shop?

Simply visit our Register as a Seller page and select the membership option that suits you. From there you will need to fill in the details and set up payment for your membership. Once this has been completed, you will be redirected to a new page with all your membership details. You may also notice that there are slight changes in the navigation system. If you click on the My Shop in the top right hand corner, this will take you to your Store settings and you can start setting up your store and uploading products ready to sell.

Should you require any further help, then please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

If you would like Bubz Bazaar to Create a shop header for you and to upload your products, we have packages starting from just $150 – you will just need to download our product spreadsheet and complete accordingly so we can upload your products for you.

Set up Tutorials

We also offer tutorial videos. These can be accessed once you have become a member, in the drop down menu under ‘My Shop’ / Tutorials.

It only takes a few minutes to apply.