Buyer FAQs

Buyer FAQs 2017-02-18T19:44:53+00:00
Is your website secure? 2017-02-18T20:07:21+00:00

Any personal information given to Bubz Bazaar will be protected. Your information will not be disclosed to any third parties. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information. Your personal information is secured with up-to-date firewall and encryption techniques and all payments are made through PayPal as we believe this is the safest and most efficient way to exchange funds online and has great buyer and seller protection and support.

Who am I Buying from? 2017-02-18T20:07:32+00:00

You are buying directly from the seller (not Bubz Bazaar) and your payment is made directly to the seller of that product / service via PayPal.

We screen all of our vendors to the best of our ability, and aim to only represent vendors who are based in Australia or New Zealand, and who provide products and services specifically for mums and their bubz.

Will I be notified when I have made a purchase? 2017-02-18T20:07:42+00:00

You certainly will be. We will send you email confirmation of your purchase, and you can also login to your account to view recent purchases.

Can I get a Refund? 2017-02-18T20:08:11+00:00

The refund policy is up to the individual seller, and should be in accordance with Australian legislation. The sellers refund policy can be found in the tabs menu under each product.

How long will delivery of my product take? 2017-02-18T20:08:17+00:00

Again, shipping and delivery policies will vary from vendor to vendor depending on their location, method of shipping and obviously on their product. You should be able to find sellers shipping policy on the tabs menu under the product description.

What if I don’t receive my item? 2017-02-18T20:11:55+00:00
If you have not receive your item within the specified time frame, we recommend you contact the seller and if possible, the postal carrier. If you still don’t receive the item, contact us so we can help resolve the problem with the seller.
How much does postage cost? 2017-02-18T20:23:15+00:00

Postage costs is at the sole discretion of the seller. Sellers can charge reasonable postage and handling fees to cover the costs for mailing, packaging, and handling the items that they sell. However, charging excessive fees for postage violates our selling practices. Review the item description carefully to make sure you understand what the postage costs are.

What are the postage fees if I buy from multiple sellers? 2017-02-18T20:26:50+00:00

Each seller is considered a different store, and if they had their own individual websites, you would be required to pay a delivery fee for each store. Bubz Bazaar is no different, it’s just that we have them listed all in the one market place.

In short, you will need to pay each sellers delivery fee. So if you buy 1 x product from Seller A and another from Seller B, then you will be required to pay Seller A’s shipping fees and also Seller B’s Shipping fees.